Custom  Event  Décor &  Design


Party Everyday offers nice collection of backdrops that can match any event and any theme.

The Pricing Below Not Include The Balloons or Flowers.

White 6 ft Round $250.00                        Gold or Silver 6 Ft $300.00

White Pipe & Drape 8x8 $150.00                     Green 6 Ft Round $250.00

Greenery 8x8 Backdrop $200.00             Arch Board Small Size $125.00

                                                                Arch Board Large Size $150.00 

Arched Board Set  Large Shelving                Arched Board Set Any Color                Board $400.00                                               Choice $350.00              

Any Color Round 6 ft $300.00          Fancy Greenery $300.00

Round Printed Picture $250.00                 Fancy Drape $350.00

Flower Wall 8x8            $250.00

Flower Wall 8x8            $250.00